Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Kings Veterinary Hospital works very hard to hire the most effective, friendly, and knowledgeable staff that we can find. Some of the things we ask candidates are: Do you speak to people when you pass them on the street? Do you move faster when things get busy? Do you truly value veterinary medicine and care about people and their pets? Do you live by the golden rule? Do you value good communication? Do you care if your work is done correctly and thoroughly? We feel that these questions get down to the personality and character that we are looking for in our staff. We have spent many years assembling a staff of generous, hard working, respectful, honest, caring, and effective people and we are proud to call them family. We have created a work environment that is focused on details and communication and allows each staff member to grow in their position and learn new skills. We empower our team to do what is right for our clients and our patients. We hope that you will take some time to get to know our family.

Hospital Administration

Kate Carrozza  photo

Kate Carrozza

Lauranne Traister photo

Lauranne Traister

Senior Staff

Ty Harvey photo

Ty Harvey

Kayla  Gates photo

Kayla Gates

Jamie  Blodgett photo

Jamie Blodgett

Destiny Brown photo

Destiny Brown

Angie & Daryl Wilson photo

Angie & Daryl Wilson

Jamie Taylor photo

Jamie Taylor

Travis  Lake photo

Travis Lake

Carla  Clemons photo

Carla Clemons

Stacy Welsh photo

Stacy Welsh

Stacy Welsh is the lead receptionist at Kings Veterinary Hospital. She has worked at Kings Veterinary Hospital since 2009. She loves getting to be around animals every day and the bonds that she has made with clients and their pets. Stacy loves to sing, read, and spend time with her friends and family. Recently remarried, her family has grown. She has two boys, Caleb and Zachary and two step children, Spencer and Skyelar. They are her joy and she loves watching them grow.
Stacy is a calming force at the front desk and never seems to get rattled. She pays close attention to detail and is very action oriented. Her empathy and understanding is often commented on by clients in times of need. For all of these reasons and more, Stacy has been put in charge of managing the reception desk. She is joined by her Boxer, Marlee and her Boston Terrier Mix, Ziggy.

Kelly Foster photo

Kelly Foster

Veterinary technician Kelly Foster joined the Kings Veterinary Hospital staff in 2001. Kelly is an extremely hard worker and has taken on inventory. She loves working with the caring veterinarians and staff at the hospital and enjoys working with all the pets that come in each day. When she's not working, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband and her son Connor and all of their pets. She shares her home with dogs, Mable, Rosemary Coonie and Dewey, and three cats, Bueller, Mr. Whipple and Zummi. All of her pets were rescued from shelters and she believes in supporting the SPCA and all animal shelters. Congratulations to Kelly on the birth of her son Sawyer! She is slowly transitioning back to work and we are so glad...we missed her dearly!

Jenni Blodgett photo

Jenni Blodgett

Liz  Woodruff photo

Liz Woodruff

Liz Woodruff did her preceptorship with us while she was in Vet Tech school. We knew immediately that she needed to be on the Kings Vet team. We hired her straight out of school and haven't looked back. She is mature beyond her years and stays cool under pressure. With her great sense of humor, you can't help but love Liz. Liz says she loves her team and thinks we provide great care at KVH.

One of our many newlyweds (there must be something in our water), Liz got married in 2013. She enjoys spending time with her family. She has 2 cats, Salem and Squirrel. She crochets, loves the outdoors, and loves spending time with her husband and 2 step daughters.

Leah Perry photo

Leah Perry

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