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Pet Wellness Care

Pet wellness care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Pet Wellness Care, Loveland, OH, 45140

We provide thorough pet wellness care services at Kings Veterinary Hospital to keep your pet on the road to health. Our pet wellness care services are created to spot issues early and give your pet the required attention to keep them healthy since we think that prevention is always better than treatment.

Annual Exams

A thorough physical exam is the cornerstone of good veterinary medicine. Dogs and cats age at a more rapid rate than humans, so it is very important to assess them physically at least once a year. Each time we assess your pet, we perform a thorough exam looking at their teeth, skin, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, orthopedic condition, and general mentation. We will also take a thorough history, asking you questions about your pet’s diet, activity level, bathroom habits, and general well-being. Putting their physical condition together with useful information from you helps us diagnose conditions before they have progressed or become harder to treat. We can also put together a personalized care plan for you and your pet.


Through the use of vaccinations, the veterinary profession has managed to significantly minimize the number of communicable diseases that cats and dogs contract. Kings Veterinary Hospital has chosen the highest quality, safest vaccines for your pets. There are core vaccinations that we recommend routinely as well as vaccinations that are only given to pets at risk of contracting the illness the vaccines prevent. We put together a vaccination protocol that is specific to your dog or cat based on their needs and risk factors.


Heartworm prevention is recommended year-round for dogs in Ohio. Kings Vet Hospital stocks the best products on the market that protect against heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. Flea preventatives are available in both collar and oral forms. Even indoor cats are susceptible to intestinal parasites, ear mites, and fleas. We recommend a topical combination product that protects against all of these and more. In addition, we have the benefit of an online pharmacy, which allows us to offer you a wide variety of products to suit your needs.

Senior Wellness Care

Much like humans, senior pets deal with aging changes that, if detected early, can be treated successfully with minimal issue. Dogs are considered senior between the ages of 7 and 9, depending on their breed. Cats are considered seniors around the age of 9 years. Once your cat or dog has reached the golden years, more frequent physical exams, occasional bloodwork, and diagnostic workups may be recommended. There are many disease processes that mimic aging. Diagnostics can often pinpoint things that, if treated, could add some pep to your aging pet’s step. Additionally, your observations of behavior changes, routine changes, and difficulties your pet may be having can be paramount in pinpointing what is going on with your pet. Make sure to let us know if your pet has experienced any changes in their senior years.


Every dog and cat starts out as a puppy or kitten. Kings Veterinary Hospital wants to set you up for success from the very start. Your first visit with your puppy or kitten, includes information on preventive health care and what to expect over the first few years of their life. Most importantly, we talk to you about behavior. Behavioral health is as important to the livelihood of your pet as any other part of their health. More dogs are turned into shelters each year for behavior problems than for any other reason. Our goal is to help you start the way you want to finish so that you end up with a well mannered pet that is a functional part of your family. Many veterinarians don’t take the time to learn about behavior and don’t consider it a part of health care. Kings Veterinary Hospital works hard to help you through any behavior issues that you may be having with young pets and mature pets alike. If you have a problem that requires further training, we have relationships with several behaviorists in Cincinnati who can help you complete your goals.