When your pet needs surgery, you want the best. Kings Veterinary Hospital has experienced veterinary technicians, talented surgeons, and the latest in surgical equipment. We routinely perform spays, neuters, growth removals, a variety of soft tissue surgeries, and some orthopedic procedures including patella luxation repair and cruciate ligament repair. We also work closely with local surgical specialists when needed.


Laser Surgery

Laser technology uses focused light beams to heat cells which vaporize them. Properly used lasers reduce peripheral tissue damage, provide excellent hemostasis, and reduce pain by numbing nerve endings. With the laser, surgeries typically take less time making their time under anesthesia shorter as well. We use the laser for many surgeries and strongly recommend it as an option with spays and neuters. 

Pain Management

Proper pain management is critical in making you and your pet comfortable post-operatively. The best way to control pain is to stop it before it occurs. Kings Vet Hospital gives a pain medication injectably prior to any incision being made. Additionally, with many surgeries, postoperative pain control is sent home with the pet in oral form. Our dogs and cats can’t tell us how they feel, but we can apply much of what we know from human medicine to our pets in that regard. We want your pet to be as pain-free as possible after any procedure.

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