About Us

The Royal Promise

Our mission at Kings Veterinary Hospital is to champion the human-animal bond by providing top quality veterinary care that is personalized to meet the needs of our clients and their pets.


Kings Veterinary Hospital has been providing quality veterinary service to Loveland, OH, and the Cincinnati area since 1995. Our highly experienced team is committed to educating our clients on how to keep their pets healthy year round and prevent or treat common health issues that may arise.By adhering to our Core Values and utilizing the latest advances in veterinary technology, we are able to treat all pets with the loving care they deserve at every visit.

Our appointments allow more time for an exam than most hospitals with 30-minute wellness exams and 60-minute exams for new clients, new pets, and first time puppy/kitten visits. Why do we do this? We want to connect with our clients. Our team will ensure you have a personalized experience with time to answer all of your questions. We will always offer you the gold standard of care and let you know when there are other viable options available.

No matter if your pet is young, senior, sick, healthy or experiencing an emergency, Kings Veterinary Hospital is here to help meet the needs of you and your pets. Our expanded schedule and ability to offer day admission appointments means that no matter what your day to day may look like, we are available for your pet.

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